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Here you can find more information about our products!

Basic skills for hand laminating (German version)

Working with Epoxy resin (English version)

Carbon coating (English version)

Decision guidance epoxy resin (English version)

Decision guidance polyester resin (English version)

Decision guidance realese agents (English version)

Decision guidance fillers (English version)

Epoxy resin for boat building (English version)

Terrarium and aquarium construction (German

IMC/MTI-Vacuum Process (English version)

Mould making (German version)

Pond- Poolbuilding with epoxy resin (German version)

Refit with epoxy resin (German version)

Working with Peel Ply / Tear-off fabric (German version)

Working with Polyester resin (at the moment only in German available)


Epoxy resin

Fillers, Release Agents & Additives / Sovents

In-Mould Coating

MTI - Hose

Polyester resin

Reinforcement fabrics