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Special Offers

... with qualitative defects or surpluses from larger industrial productions as 1A goods at attractive prices. We partly offer a price advantage of up to 70% discount for carbon and glass fabrics and scrims as well as aramid and hybrid fabrics and many more. Please note the corresponding article description for each article, so that you can estimate whether the qualities are sufficient for your applications.

Various fabrics and scrims as special offers at attractive prices

18cm - 200g/m² bidiagonal carbon scrim | HP-B200/18C
**Special item from industrial production, very good quality. Very soft and good drapable and good impregnation properties.**

weight: 200 g/m²
width: 18 cm
+45° 100 g/m² HT-Fibre 50K
- 45° 100 g/m² HT-Fibre 50K
Sliding scale prices:
5-14 Meters per 3,99 EUR
15-24 Meters per 2,68 EUR
25-49 Meters per 2,44 EUR
50-119 Meters per 2,20 EUR
120-479 Meters per 1,96 EUR
> 479 Meters per 1,61 EUR
3,99 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
1 to 20 (from a total of 22)