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Aramid Fabric

Aramid fabrics are made from high-performance fibres. They are characterised by very high tensile strength and modulus, low density and good heat resistance. Aramid fabrics are used in a huge range of specialist applications: marine, aerospace, sports and leisure products, automotive industries and ballistic protection products.

Aramid fabric with twill or plain weave

Aramid Fabric 310 g/m² Twill - T310A
Weight: 310 g/m²
Weave: Twill 2/2
Width: 100 cm
Sliding scale prices:
1-2,5 m² per 37,49 EUR
3-4,5 m² per 35,58 EUR
5-9,5 m² per 33,62 EUR
10-24,5 m² per 31,54 EUR
25-49,5 m² per 29,63 EUR
50-99,5 m² per 27,73 EUR
> 99,5 m² per 26,78 EUR
37,49 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
1 to 4 (from a total of 4)