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3D|Core™ XPS

3D | CORE ™ is a Structure Reinforcing Foam Core (SVS) that consists of hexagonal foam honeycombs interconnected by fine webs.

The honeycomb construction gives the board enormous flexibility, allowing for excellent drapability of the foam core, thus following a contour.

The used polystyrene foam (XPS) only has a density of approx. 45Kg / m³. This foam system is particularly suitable for weight savings in areas of components that are exposed to lower dynamic loads. Due to the low resin absorption and the small cell size, the weight / power ratio is significantly better than many other foams.

In addition to the familiar HEXAGON structure, the new RHOMBUS structure (division of the hexagon into 3 rhombuses) offers an even more flexible application. But HEXAGON and RHOMBUS can also be combined depending on the application.

By simplifying the processing, 3D | CORE ™ improves the production processes and is therefore also a. Also ideal for the IMC / MTI® process. Not only time but also material is saved.
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