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HP-Textiles: Your partner for reinforcement fabrics, epoxy resins, vacuum materials and technical support.

We  own a long-standing experience in the field of composite materials. Already more than 43,000 users in many different sectors such as pond and pool construction, aircraft and automotive industry, model construction, motor sports and sports equipment, wind energy and boat building belong to our satisfied customers.

HP-Textiles is a system supplier and offers therefore materials such as reinforcement fibres, vacuum accessories, epoxy resins, fillers, paints and coatings, release agents and tools.

The structure of a networked and cross-company development also allows us to respond quickly to customer requests. We are able to supply both large industrial customers and small quantities for project developments.

New product

Mould Covering Epoxy Resin HP-E25FB
The Epoxy Resin System HP-E25FB is an unfilled, thixotropic 2-component combination of resin and hardener with high sanding anpolishing properties-

Mould covering system, 25 minutes working time
from 39,40 EUR
10,51 EUR per Kg