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Epoxy infusion resin HP-E120RI
Infusion System - Epoxy Resin | HP-E120RI

Infusion System - Epoxy Resin | HP-E120RI

Product No.:
ca. 1-3 days ca. 1-3 days  (abroad may vary)
58,90 EUR
18,12 EUR per Kg

incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs


This product is similar to:

Hardener for Polyester Resins | HP-MEKP
  • Can be used for the pre-accelerated polyester resins of the series HP-P21,
  • Foreign resin may require preliminary!
  • Designed for laminating resins and gel / topcoats with co-Oktoat accelerator
  • Used medium reactive, at room temperature
4,70 EUR
47,00 EUR per Kg
14 ltr. Bucket | HP-L1050
  • Bucket natur with metal hanger
  • Volume: 14 ltr.
  • Suitable for mixing polyester or epoxy resin
4,90 EUR

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Epoxy Resin multi-purpose system 45 min (medium viscous) | HP-E45KL

The Epoxy-System HP-E45KL is an unfilled, medium-viscous, chemical resistant combination of resin and hardener with working time (pot life) about 45 minutes. It is versatile for laminating and for bonding / gluing applications.

Bonding, Laminating, Mould Making

6,90 EUR
17,25 EUR per Kg