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Glass Fabric "Finish" Plain
28 g/m"Glass Fabric "Finish" Plain
Finish Glass Fabric
"Glass Fabric "Finish" Plain
Preview: Glass Fabric "Finish" Plain
Preview: 28 g/m"Glass Fabric "Finish" Plain
Preview: Finish Glass Fabric
Preview: "Glass Fabric "Finish" Plain
28 g/m² Glass Fabric "Finish" Plain | HP-P28EF
Mobile Preview: Glass Fabric "Finish" Plain
Mobile Preview: 28 g/m"Glass Fabric "Finish" Plain
Mobile Preview: Finish Glass Fabric
Mobile Preview: "Glass Fabric "Finish" Plain

28 g/m² Glass Fabric "Finish" Plain | HP-P28EF

Product No.:
ca. 1-3 days ca. 1-3 days (abroad may vary)
Sliding scale prices
1-2,9 m²
per 3,72 EUR
3-4,9 m²
per 3,57 EUR
5-9,9 m²
per 3,47 EUR
10-24,9 m²
per 3,22 EUR
25-49,9 m²
per 2,74 EUR
50-102,9 m²
per 2,11 EUR
103-205,9 m²
per 1,81 EUR
206-514,9 m²
per 1,65 EUR
> 514,9 m²
per 1,49 EUR
3,72 EUR

incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs

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