Covering System E40D
Covering System - Topcoat - Epoxy Resin | HP-E40D

Covering System - Topcoat - Epoxy Resin | HP-E40D

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5,50 EUR
36,67 EUR per Kg

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This product is compatible with (for example):

Degassing additive | HP-BEL51
  • HP-BEL51 is a defoaming and degassing agent
  • Solution of functional polymers and polysiloxanes

Stir it preferably into the base resin before adding other components. It is also possible to add the additive to the finished systems.

3,45 EUR
0,17 EUR per ml
Wood spatula (15 cm) | HP-L1061
Material: Wood
Width: 18 mm
Lenght: 150 mm
Quantity/Package: 100 pieces per package
4,70 EUR
0,05 EUR per Spatula
20 mm Laminating brush | HP-L1071
Width: 20 mm
Bristle: Black China bristle
Stalk: Wood stalk
1,07 EUR

This product is similar to:

Primer - adhesion agent for epoxy resins | HP-UC
  • PUR primer for sticking or laminating on smooth surfaces
  • High adhesion, suitable for all epoxy resins from HP-Textiles
  • Ground coat (primer for carbon design)
  • For spraying, manual application with paint-brush or roller is also possible
  • Wax free, without styrene
18,90 EUR

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Laminating System - Epoxy Resin | HP-E110L

The Epoxy-System HP-E110L is an unfilled, low viscous, 2-component combination of resin and hardener with a processing time of 110 minutes.

These are low-priced standard laminating resins with good dimensional stability and impregnating behaviour.

14,90 EUR
21,29 EUR per Kg
25 cm Paint roller | HP-L1032
Width: 25 cm
Flor: 4 mm (bevelled on both sides)
Diameter: 50 mm

8,90 EUR
2,6 ltr. Bucket | HP-L1044
  • Product Type: Bucket with handle and lid
  • Material: PP
  • Color: White
  • Form: Round
  • High: 157 mm
  • Diameter: 144 - 175 mm
  • Volume: 2,6 ltr.
1,96 EUR