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20 mm Laminating brush | HP-L1071
20 mm Laminating brush | HP-L1071

20 mm Laminating brush | HP-L1071

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ca. 1-3 days ca. 1-3 days (abroad may vary)
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1-4 Piece
per 1,07 EUR
5-9 Piece
per 0,96 EUR
10-23 Piece
per 0,91 EUR
> 23 Piece
per 0,85 EUR
1,07 EUR

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This product is similar to:

Epoxy Covering System

This epoxy-system is an transparent, unfilled combination of resin and hardener with medium working time and low viscosity.

Topcoat, High UV-stability, 40 minutes working time

from 5,50 EUR
Primer, undercoating, adhesion agent for epoxy resins
  • PUR primer for sticking or laminating on smooth surfaces
  • High adhesion, suitable for all epoxy resins from HP-Textiles
  • Ground coat (primer for carbon design)
  • For spraying, manual application with paint-brush or roller is also possible
  • Wax free, without styrene
from 18,90 EUR

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  • Product Type: Bucket with handle and lid
  • Material: PP
  • Color: White
  • Form: Round
  • High: 157 mm
  • Diameter: 144 - 175 mm
  • Volume: 2,6 ltr.
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Polyester resin based on ISO NPG -Resin & Hardener- | HP-P21LSP
  • Unsaturated Polyester Resin
  • Orthophtalic-based, pre-accelerated, high thixotropic index
  • Waxed for top or finish uses
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Excellent wet-out of fiberglass, carbon and aramid fibers
  • LSE (Low Styrene Emission) polyester resin
  • Applicable for hand lay-up, spray-up and for general reinforced plastics
  • Contains peroxide-indicatorLimited Shipping 
from 47,50 EUR
Mould Release Agent for Epoxy and Polyester
  • Silicon free dispersion of wax in a dissolver mixture
  • Operating temperature up to 80°C
  • Sprayable, contains dissolver for epoxy and polyester resin
  • Suitable for smooth and dense undergrounds and in connection with the Film Release Agent HP-PVA
from 8,90 EUR