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Plastic cup | HP-L1064
500 ml Plastic cup (50 pc.) | HP-L1064

500 ml Plastic cup (50 pc.) | HP-L1064

Product No.:
ca. 1-3 days ca. 1-3 days  (abroad may vary)
Sliding scale prices
1-4 pack
per 9,99 EUR (0,20 EUR per cup)
5-9 pack
per 7,99 EUR (0,16 EUR per cup)
> 9 pack
per 6,99 EUR (0,14 EUR per cup)
9,99 EUR
0,20 EUR per cup

incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs

This product is similar to:

Bubble-free - Atomizer | HP-BEL61
  • BEL61 is used for the destruction of gas bubbles
  • Finest atomization, 1000 sprays per 100 ml container
The BEL61 is a liquid used to destroy surface bubbles in casting resins or epoxi coatings.
6,90 EUR
6,90 EUR per ml

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Vacuum Infusion, Pressure Injection

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