3D|CORE™ is a structure reinforcing foam core, which consists of hexagonal honeycombs, connected together by fine ribs. Through the honeycomb structure, the plate receives a great flexibility, which allows an excellent drapability of the foam core, and thus follows a contour. Due to the simplicity of processing 3D|CORE™ improves production processes and therefore also suitable for the IMC/MTI®-process. So it not only saves time but also material.
Concept and technical properties of 3D|CORETM
3D|CORETM for use in carbon fiber parts and large-batch production
E|BOARDTM - The intelligent board for fast and uncomplicated constructions
Foam Core Navigator (Guide to the proper materials)
Weight and cost comparison of processed core materials
 Comparing specifications of standard core materials 3D|CORETM
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