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Thinner for Epoxy Resins
Thinner for Epoxy Resins | HP-XB

Thinner for Epoxy Resins | HP-XB

Product No.:
ca. 1-3 days ca. 1-3 days (abroad may vary)
11,50 EUR
11,50 EUR per Liter

incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs

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Laminating Resin Epoxy HP-E28L

The Epoxy-System HP-E28L is an unfilled, low viscous, 2-component combination of resin and hardener with a processing time of 28 minutes.

These are low-priced standard laminating resins with good dimensional stability and impregnating behaviour.

14,90 EUR
21,29 EUR per Kg
Epoxy resin electronic-casting compound | BM-E45GE
  • 2K epoxy resin electro casting compound
  • Excellent casting properties
  • Low viscous (thin)
  • Pot life 45 min
  • Good light stability
Electronic casting, 45 min pot life, low viscous

12,90 EUR
32,25 EUR per Kg
Reactive diluent for epoxy resin
  • Consider RV23 in the calculation of the hardener quantity!
  • Dosage up to 20 %
  • For a lower brittleness, we recommend adding 5 %
  • Overdose leads to losses of heat resistance and tensile strength

The reactive thinner RV23 is a low viscous, difunctional additive for epoxy resin systems.

23,90 EUR
23,90 EUR per Liter
Pot with round and flat brushes | HP-L1002
  • 2 ring brushes size 2 + 4
  • 3 flat brushes 25/35/50 mm
  • 1 brush pot
4,99 EUR