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Spatula Set, plastic | HP-L1103
Spatula Set, plastic | HP-L1103

Spatula Set, plastic | HP-L1103

Product No.:
ca. 1-3 days ca. 1-3 days (abroad may vary)
Sliding scale prices
1-4 Piece
per 1,11 EUR
5-9 Piece
per 0,99 EUR
10-49 Piece
per 0,94 EUR
> 49 Piece
per 0,88 EUR
1,11 EUR

incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs

This product is compatible with (for example):

Hard paper epoxy resin mixing cup | HP-L1068
Material: hard paper with PE coating, round
Volume: 100 ml
Quantity/Package: 25 or 50 pieces per package
0,13 EUR
Epoxy resin electronic-casting compound | BM-E45GE
  • 2K epoxy resin electro casting compound
  • Excellent casting properties
  • Low viscous (thin)
  • Pot life 45 min
  • Good light stability
Electronic casting, 45 min pot life, low viscous

from 12,90 EUR
Digital Table Scale (all steel panel) 5Kg/1g | VZ3006
  • Strain Gauge Precision Technology
  • Capacity:        up to 5kg
  • Readability:        1g
  • Display Modes:      g / oz
  • Key with Full Function:  ON/OFF/TARA/ZERO
  • Auto/Manual Shut-Off
  • Powered by AAA Battery (included)
  • Dimension (incl. weighing pan): 18 cm x 12 cm x 8 cm
16,65 EUR
Spiral bristle roller | HP-SBR

Aluminium spiral bristle roller are used for compressing and ventin the laminates.with screw fastening incl. holder and plastic grip.

Suitable for uneven surfaces and thin glass fabrics

Available dimensions:
Item-No.: Diameter: Width:
HP-SBR-30x50 30 mm 50 mm
HP-SBR-30x75 30 mm 75 mm
HP-SBR-30x100 30 mm 100 mm
HP-SBR-30x150 30 mm 150 mm
from 9,90 EUR
6 x 3 g Glitter Set | GL
  • Suitable for clear epoxy casting resins
  • Colours: red, purple, green, blue, gold, silver
  • Intensive reflection effect
​Glitter decoration sprinkle in useful sprinkle tubes
2,99 EUR
0,17 EUR per g

This product is similar to:

Infusion System resin component
The basis of the series HP-E3000GL is an unfilled epoxy-resin, which is mixable with different hardeners for every individual purpose. A special feature of this series is a high initial glass transition temperature (Tg) by hardening at room temperature.

Vacuum Infusion, Pressure Injection
from 40,50 EUR
Levelling additive | HP-BEL71
  • BEL71 is a levelling additive
  • Solution of functional polyacrylates
Stir it preferably into the base resin before adding other components.
It reduces surface defects (“fish-eyes”), especially used in upper layers (topcoats). It is also possible to add the additive to the finished systems.
from 3,95 EUR
infusionsystem resin and hardener HP-E200GL
The hardener HP-E200GL allows a pot-life of 200 minutes. The basis of the series HP-E3000GL is an unfilled epoxy-resin, which is mixable with different hardeners for every individual purpose.

Vacuum Infusion, Pressure Injection
from 5,90 EUR
Epoxy Adhesive HP-E5K
The Epoxy Adhesive System HP-E5K is an unfilled, medium-viscosity combination of resin and hardener with fast reaction time.

Processing time of 5 minutes,
applicable from 5°C
from 9,90 EUR

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Heat stability Epoxy Resin HP-E120WSM

The Epoxy System HP-E120WSM is an unfilled, medium viscous, 2-component combination of resin and hardener. It can be used as a laminating resin system for a high temperature stabilities.

Mould and tool making, heat stability up to 150°C

from 15,90 EUR
Pot with round and flat brushes | HP-L1002
  • 2 ring brushes size 2 + 4
  • 3 flat brushes 25/35/50 mm
  • 1 brush pot
4,99 EUR