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Reinforcement Fabrics

Reinforcing fibers or reinforcing materials are constructs made of fibers (carbon, glass, aramid fibers) with different properties. In combination with an epoxy resin or polyester resin, these exhibit high strength or stiffness and are therefore reinforcing fibers particularly advantageous in lightweight construction. The thermal and mechanical properties can also be individually influenced by the fiber material and type of weave/construction.

Reinforcing fibers made of carbon fiber, glass fiber, hybrid and aramid fabric

Aramid Fabric 310 g/m² Twill - T310A
Weight: 310 g/m²
Weave: Twill 2/2
Width: 100 cm
Sliding scale prices:
1-2,5 m² per 31,89 EUR
3-4,5 m² per 29,69 EUR
5-9,5 m² per 27,97 EUR
10-24,5 m² per 26,48 EUR
25-49,5 m² per 24,93 EUR
50-99,5 m² per 23,21 EUR
> 99,5 m² per 22,37 EUR
31,89 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
121 to 140 (from a total of 176)