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Plastic bottle 100 ml
plastic bottles and jerrycans
Preview: Plastic bottle 100 ml
Preview: plastic bottles and jerrycans
100 ml plastic bottle | HP-L7005
Mobile Preview: Plastic bottle 100 ml
Mobile Preview: plastic bottles and jerrycans

100 ml plastic bottle | HP-L7005

Product No.:
ca. 1-3 days ca. 1-3 days (abroad may vary)
Sliding scale prices
1-4 Piece
per 1,15 EUR (1,15 EUR per pcs.)
5-9 Piece
per 1,09 EUR (1,09 EUR per pcs.)
10-24 Piece
per 1,04 EUR (1,04 EUR per pcs.)
25-49 Piece
per 0,92 EUR (0,92 EUR per pcs.)
> 49 Piece
per 0,81 EUR (0,81 EUR per pcs.)
1,15 EUR
1,15 EUR per pcs.

incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs

This product is compatible with (for example):

Epoxy infusion resin HP-E15GL
The hardener HP-E15GL allows a pot-life of 15minutes. The basis of the series HP-E3000GL is an unfilled epoxy-resin, which is mixable with different hardeners for every individual purpose. 

Vacuum Infusion, Pressure Injection
from 5,90 EUR
45,38 EUR per Kg
Epoxy infusion resin HP-E300RI

The injection- / infusion-resins of the series HP-E3000RI show very low viscosities,
what supports excellent wet-out and flow properties. The hardener HP-E30RI allows a pot-life of 300 minutes. The series is usable for hand-laminating too.

Vacuum Infusion, Pressure Injection

from 56,50 EUR
16,14 EUR per Kg

This product is similar to:

Drip Cap | 1406
  • Colour: Nature
  • Thread: 28 mm
  • Suitable for plastic bottles from 250 ml up to 1 L
  • Set of 2 plastic valves
2,90 EUR

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Epoxy Covering Gelcoat System HP-E25DM
This epoxy-system is an transparent, unfilled combination of resin and hardener with short working time and medium viscosity.

Topcoat, 25 minutes working time
7,90 EUR
49,38 EUR per Kg
Chopped glass fibre | HP-GS3
  • For an increased tensile, compressive and flexural strength
  • Mixture remains flowable
  • For moulding material
  • Reinforcement of gluing spots / adhesive beading
  • In combination with cotton flocks (HP-BF1) suitable for coupling layers in mould making
2,59 EUR
25,90 EUR per Kg