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Vacuum Technology for infusion and injection

In fiber-reinforced composites, the load is primarily absorbed by the fibers. To achieve high strengths, composite components should have as high a fiber content as possible. A high fiber volume fraction is best achieved by compression before and during curing of the epoxy resin system. This is achieved by vacuum infusion, vacuum compression or by the IMC/MTI® process and RTM process.

Further information, instructions and videos on the individual processes can be found under Downloads and Videos.

Various materials and accessories in the field of vacuum technology

30 g/m² Perforated Release Film | HP-RF30/130
Material: HDPE
Weight: 30 g/m²
Width: 130 cm
Colour: Blue,  transparent
Sliding scale prices:
1-4,9 m² per 3,27 EUR
5-9,9 m² per 2,08 EUR
10-24,9 m² per 1,49 EUR
25-49,9 m² per 1,18 EUR
50-129,9 m² per 1,01 EUR
> 129,9 m² per 0,77 EUR
3,27 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
21 to 40 (from a total of 88)